Tutorials and Talks

Here are linked powerpoint only or powerpoint presentations with the vocal soundtrack. The presentations with sound are either QuickTime Movie Files (.mov) or MPEG-4 Movies, either of which will play with the free Quicktime player. The QuickTime Movies have been prepared to stream with a fast startup, which means that they should begin to play before they have been completely downloaded. I suggest you try one of the smaller tutorial movies to see if your system is properly configured. It should start to play within about half a minute; if not, you may need to download the QuickTime player or get a faster connection to the Internet.

The tutorials are organized with the plan that they be viewed in the order listed within each category. The programs vary in length from 15 min. to 50 min. The list is not yet finished, so the best current order is to view my SPUDM talk first (covering the Allais Paradox), followed by the seven on independence properties, and finally, the one on Gain-Loss Separability.

New Tutorials are currently being prepared and will soon be linked here. Please check back later for a more complete list of presentations! The next ones coming up include historical reviews and a tutorial on the Reflection Hypothesis.

Tutorials on Violations of Stochastic Dominance

Tutorial: Error Theory and Transitivity

Tutorials on Independence Properties Testing CPT vs TAX and RAM

Tutorials on Properties of Gambles with Losses and Mixed Consequences

Tutorials on History of Decision Making Research

Talks--Presentations to Conferences

Link to Archive of Retired Experiments and Published Data

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