Catanzaro, S. J. (1997). Mood regulation expectancies, affect intensity, dispositional coping,

This study presented a reanalysis of cross-sectional data from Flett, Blankstein and Obertinsky's (1996) study (Personality and Individual Differences, 23, 221-228). It focused on partial correlations of affect intensity and negative mood regulation (NMR) expectancies, independent of each other. Results showed that NMR expectancies and affect intensity were both independently associated with coping dispositions. However, only NMR expectancies uniquely predicted depressive symptoms. Thus temperamental variables, such as affect intensity, may correlate with coping dispositions. But cognitive-social person variables, such as NMR expectancies, more strongly influence outcomes of the coping process (i.e., symptoms).

DOI: 10.1016/S0191-8869(97)00123-2