Master's Theses Supervised by Jack Mearns, Ph.D.

at California State University, Fullerton







  • May, M. -- Mood Regulation Expectancies, Coping, Stress, and Distress in the Parents of Children with Autism.


  • Catone, M. -- Mood Regulation Expectancies, Burden, Depression, and Coping in Caregivers of Acquired Brain Injured Individuals.

  • Jund, L. B. -- The Relationship between Anxiety and Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies among Learning Disabled and Honor Students.

  • Pollitt, L. K. -- Attachment, Mood Regulation Expectancies, and Trust in Adult Romantic Relationships.

  • Vernoy, K. T. -- Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies, Depression, Coping, and Self-efficacy in Arthritis Patients.


  • Kohegyi, T. -- Association of Memory, Mood and Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies in Older Adults.


  • Taniguchi, M. -- Predictors of Eating Disorder Symptoms in Asian and Caucasian College Students: Body Mass Index, Shame and Guilt, Silencing of the Self, and Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies.

  • Ware, K. -- Relations of Happiness, Optimism, and Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies with Risk-taking Behavior.

  • Wheeler, B. -- Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies, Vicarious Traumatization, and Burnout in Female Rape Crisis Counselors.


  • Arnold, L. -- Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies, and Performance Anxiety in Musicians.

  • Nostrome, M. -- Negative Mood Regulation and its Relationship to Impulsive Behavior.

  • Patchett, E. -- Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies and Residence Location as Predictors of Adaptation to College, Depression and Loneliness.


  • Johnston, K. L. -- Catastrophizing, Perfectionism and Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies as Predictors of Procrastination in a College Student Population.

  • Pajer, D. -- Intimacy and Female Friendship: The Roles of Attachment Style, Interpersonal Trust and Negative Mood Regulation.

  • Sobko, K. -- Termperament and Computer Play Time in Preschool Age Children.


  • Ballard, S. -- Parents of Children with Autism: Social Support, Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies, and Symptom Severity as Predictors of Coping and Relationship with Child.

  • McNally, J. -- Relationships Among Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies, Bulimia, Hassles, Interoceptive Awareness, and Negative Affect.


  • Watabe, Y. -- Relationship between Distress and Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies, Acculturation, Acculturation Gap, and Coping in an Asian Population.


  • Apodaca, D. D. -- Personality, Pro-environmental Beliefs and Intention Toward Behaviors to Reduce Global Climate Change.

  • Bartlett, J. -- Negative Mood Regulation, Parenting Hassles, Parenting Satisfaction, and Distress in Foster Mothers.


  • Sato, T. -- Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies, Attitude toward Help-Seeking, Comfort with Affect, and Suicidal Ideation of Japanese College Students.

  • Taguchi, K. -- Japanese Parents of Children with Intellectual Disabilitites: Predictors of Parental Distress.

  • Takashima, E. -- Mediating Effects of Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies on the Relationship Between Early Family Environment and Later Psychological Health Among Japanese.


  • Alvarez, N. -- Mood, Writing, and Performance in the Spoken Word Poetry Community.

  • Madracki, M. -- Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies, Coping and Depression in Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse and Neglect.

  • Shepard-McMullen, C. -- Exploring the Relationships between Psychological Abuse, Attitutes, Coping and Negative Mood Regulation.


  • Popp, A. -- Does Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Mediate between Military Sexual Trauma and Health Problems in Female Veterans?


  • Aoki, S. -- Social Anxiety, Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies, and Self Construals as Predictors of Assertiveness in Asian Americans

  • Gothro, A. -- Trauma, PTSD and Retraumatization: The Role of Peritraumatic Dissociation

  • Talasman, S. -- Coping, Emotion Regulation and Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies: A Cross-cultural Perspective on Predicting Depression and Somatization

  • Tsukerman, D. -- Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies, Stress, Distress, Coping, and Life Satisfaction in People with a Physical Disability


  • Necef, I. -- International Students' Homesickness and Depression: Associations with Mood Regulation Expectancies, Acculturation and Attachment


  • Hamamura, T. -- Relationships among Depression, Somatic Symptoms, Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies and Honne and Tatemae among Japanese College Students

  • Jimenez, M. -- The Relationship of NMR Expectancies, Affect, and Coping with the Academic Resiliency of Latina/o Undocumented Students

  • Smith, B. K. -- Therapeutic Summer Camp Outcomes and Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies


  • Lynch, K. -- Negative Mood Regulations Expectancies, Fibromyalgia, Childhood Trauma, and Depression

  • Pham Vu, K. -- Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies as Moderator and Mediator of the Relationship between Peer Victimization and Internalizing Feelings


  • Benedicto, S. -- Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Observational Scale

  • Eum, S. -- Acculturative Stress, Intergenerational Conflict, and Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies of Korean Immigrants

  • Sakurai, R. -- Coping after a Natural Disaster: Relationships between Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies and Symptoms among Parents and Children in Fukushima, Japan


  • Campbell, K. A. -- Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies, Trait Anxiety, and Mood Congruent Cognition Following an Anxiety Induction

  • Fleming, H. -- Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies and Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence

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