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Joanne Hoven Stohs, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology

Office:  H 810D

Phone:  278-3105




Hi! I have been a faculty member at Cal State University, Fullerton since August of 1996. Currently, I teach Abnormal Psychology and the General Internship courses for the Department of Psychology. Please click on either my Psych 341, Abnormal Psychology or Psych 495, Field Placement in Psychology (internships) syllabi above. Over the years, I have taught courses in child, adolescent and adult development as well as on Critical Thinking.

I have an interdisciplinary Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in Human Development and working on problems across disciplinary areas is second nature to me. I love extending my horizons by combining several perspectives in order to understand an issue. I find that disciplinary boundaries can give one a limited perspective on the person, place or object that is under study.  However, the risk in crossing domains to find answers is that you might not get in-depth knowledge either.  I keep trying!

My current research involves the study of Chinese twins reared together and apart. I collaborate with Dr. Nancy Segal on developmental and cross-cultural issues that may impact the psychological, social, physical and interpersonal domains of children and adolescents with shared genetic codes.

In 2003, I was selected by a faculty committee for the Outstanding Teaching Award in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.  In 2005, I was selected as the campus-wide "Extraordinary Internship Coordinator" by the Center for Internships and Service Learning.  It feels good to be appreciated and recognized!

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