Hi! I'm Interested in Research on Twins.
I'm Interested in IQ and Personality Similarities in Twins, especially among twins reared apart. If you know any Identical Twins who were separated at birth and raised separately, please ask them to contact me.
This example illustrates the use of the BR tag.
This text will be displayed with Italics.
The BR tag makes each of these lines appear on a separate line.
This will be underlined, and displayed in bold, and the entire sentence in italics.

This is a paragraph. This example will illustrate the use of the closing tag, which is not really necessary. You should experiment with the use of this tag, with and without the closing tag, to see its effects.

This is another paragraph, and this one will not have a closing tag. We will illustrate how to make paragraphs here.

This paragraph begins with the opening tag, but also does not have a closing tag.

Note the gaps between paragraphs with this device.

This paragraph was formatted with the ALIGN="right". The default is to ALIGN="left" for most browers, so no specification will produce the usual left-aligned text.

This paragraph was formatted with ALIGN="center." Try changing the shape of your browser's window, to see the effects on both preformatted text, and its effects on paragrpahs formatted with this paragraph tag. When you change the shape of the window, notice the effects on the paragraphs formatted with different alignment.

One can also align sections of text, including titles and multiple paragraphs by the division, DIV, tag, as illustrated in this example.

The DIV tag will carry over from one paragraph to the next, as this paragraph illustrates. The closing tag is needed to end the formatting.

You'll find that preformatted text is frozen under the window (you have to use the scrollbar to see everything), but that paragraphs formatted with the P tag change in appearance to fit the window.

This example will illustrate the use of the BLOCKQUOTE tag. BLOCKQUOTE can be used to create margins around text without having to use TABLES.

You will notice that normal paragraphs fill the window from edge to edge. If you would like to have margins inside the window, use the BLOCKQUOTE tag, as in this example. Some people find it more attractive, or easier to read if there are margins, but realize that somebody with a small moniter will be using the scrollbar a lot to get through your page. Also look at the effect of changing the window shape and size on the BLOCKQUOTE effect.

In addition, interesting effects can be created by nesting BLOCKQUOTE tags, as this example illustrates. Also note the effect of BLOCKQUOTE ON Horizontal Rules, as shown below.

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