Programs to Make HTML forms for Research on the Web

surveyWiz is a web page that makes the HTML for simple tests and surveys. One can add text boxes and scales of radio buttons. You can choose any number of buttons in the scale and label the endpoints of the radio button scales.

surveyWiz1 is version of surveyWiz that runs with Netscape 6.2 for Windows.

surveyWiz 2.1 beta version is the new version of surveyWiz (1-24-02). The new features automatically saves the referer and computes the amount of time between the page loading and the click of the submit button, in minutes, rounded to the nearest .001 min. This version appears to make pages that work with Internet Explorer for Windows as well as Netscape Navigator. JavaScript must be installed on the client. A known glich is that one must save and load before the newly created page can be tested--it cannot be tested simply in the Display page.

SurveyWiz 2.2 beta version has improvements over 2.1, designed to work with Netscape 6. The newly created page still must be saved in order to test it.

surveyWiz 3.0 is a version of surveyWiz that uses a pull-down menu for education and a textarea for comments.

SurveyWiz 4.0 is a version of surveyWiz that saves data via PHP to a MySQL data base on the server of Anja Goertiz.

factorWiz is a web pages that makes simple factorial designs. The form will create the factorial design, randomize trials, and create all of the HTML, providing an input text box for each response.

factorWizRB is a web page that makes simple factorial designs. The form will create the factorial design, randomize trials, and create all of the HTML. This variation adds a scale of Radio Buttons instead of an input text box.

FactorWizRB_c is a web page that makes a factorial design with up to 12 levels of each factor; however, the total number of cells (rows by cols) cannot exceed 90, if you plan to use the generic PolyForm script.

FactorWiz with bigger cells

FactorWizRB4 is the same as the program above, except it is set up to use the PHP script by Anja Goeritz.

Both programs work with a polyform script that sends the data to an address from which you can FTP to receive the data. A PERL script written by William Schmidt that can be used with the programs is also included. To see the script, click here.

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