Psychology Peer Mentors
California State University, Fullerton


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Psychology Peer Mentors will be holding office hours in-person and via Zoom.


  Location: H-525B (Inside the Psychology Lounge)

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Our Mission

As Peer Mentors in the Psychology Department, it is our goal to provide a wide variety of useful information to undergraduate students. Psychology Peer Mentors offer easily accessible services ranging from class schedules to graduate planning in a friendly and casual environment. Come visit us during our office hours. Appointments, emails, and Zoom drop-ins are welcome!


See us today for questions concerning:


Not understanding something? We can help with the majority of classes. Some of our specialties include: Research Methods/Stats, Biopsychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Psychological Testing and Assessment. Come stop by if you need help with homework or studying!

APA Style Writing

APA style writing is the standard format for writing research papers in the field of psychology. If you need help on formatting or reporting results in APA, come visit us.

Psychology Minor/Major Requirements

Students need to take courses that meet the requirements for Major/Minor in Psychology. If you want to know what classes to take, come and visit us.

Graduate School

Students who are planning to attend graduate school must know deadlines and specific requirements to enter the graduate program. Come visit us if you want to learn more about graduate school.

Psychology Clubs

Students should get involved in psychology clubs. Being in an interactive environment with other students can enhance their experience. If you want to know more about clubs and organizations, we can discuss it during our office hours.

Psychology Degrees

Which degrees are you planning on pursuing? Are you pursuing a BA degree, MA degree, PsyD degree, or PhD degree? What career opportunities can you achieve with these degrees? If you want more information, we can discuss additional questions during our office hours!