Catanzaro, S. J., & Mearns, J. (1990). Measuring generalized expectancies for negative

This study reports on the development of the Generalized Expectancies for Negative Mood Regulation (NMR) Scale. Three major issues are addressed: (1) establishing internal consistency, discriminant validity from social desirability, and temporal stability; (2) showing discriminate validity from locus of control; and (3) investigating the scale's relations with several variables relevant to adjustment, mood, and depression. Findings indicated acceptable temporal stability, discriminant validity and internal consistency. An inverse relation was found between generalized expectancies for negative mood regulation and depression. Findings also suggest that NMR expectancies and depression are distinct constructs. The authors concluded that research on this construct should contribute to the understanding of stress and coping.

[Note: there is an error in Table 1. Item #10 should not be reverse scored.]

DOI: 10.1080/00223891.1990.9674019