Catanzaro, S. J., & Laurent, J. (2004). Perceived family support, negative mood regulation

This paper reports a study that examined whether NMR expectancies and perceived family support influence the relationships of alcohol expectancies, avoidant coping dispositions, and drinking motives with alcohol use among adolesents. This is also the first published study using the NMR scale with adolescent participants. Previous studies with adults show that positive expectancies for the effects of alcohol and tendencies to rely on avoidant coping responses predict more alcohol use and alcohol-related problems, via the mediating role of using drinking as a coping response ("drinking to cope"). We found that the NMR Scale had excellent internal consistency and correlated as expected with the other study measures, showing that it can be validly used with adolescents. Most important, we found that strong NMR expectancies tended to buffer the relationships of positive alcohol expectancies and avoidant coping dispositions with drinking to cope and with self-reported drunkeness.

DOI: j.addbeh.2004.04.001