Mearns, J., Self, E., Kono, K., Sato, T., Takashima, E., Tresno, F., Watabe, Y., & Catanzaro, S. J. (2016).

This paper presents four studies with over 950 participants from diverse regions of Japan. The goal was to go beyond literal translation of the English NMR Scale to create a culturally valid measure for Japan. In particular, new items were created that focused on social aspects of mood regulation, including obligation to others not to be a burden. Results strongly support the reliability of the Japanese NMR Scale -- the NMR-J. Results also give preliminary support for the NMR-J's validiy.

Note. This article was originally accepted by International Journal of Educational and Psychological Assessment in 2013, but for unexplained reasons it never appeared on the journal's website. We withdrew the article from IJEPA and then submitted to IJQRE, which accepted the article. Unfortunately, though, some of our publications that cite this article list it as "in press" at IJEPA.

DOI: 10.1504/IJQRE.2016.073675