Completed Experiments

These experiments have been completed. We are no longer requesting people to complete them; however, you are welcome to participate in these experiments and examine them for educational and scholarly purposes. These materials will allow scholars access to experimental details that are not usually included in a method section for reasons of space. If these materials do help you in your research, I would be grateful if you would cite this site in your references or acknowledgements.

Judgment of Numbers-- Study Completed 7-7-98

This is a one minute experiment in judgment of numbers. This study is now completed; however, if you would like to see the experiment, or if you would like to participate for the experience, you can click your month of birth below:

Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov
Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec

Decisions Exp2a, 2b, 2c-- Studies Completed 8-8-98, 9-15-98, 11-13-98

These are 10 minute experiments in choices between gambles. These studies are now completed; however, if you would like to examine the experiments, you can click below. Below is a link to a similar decision making study that is currently active.

Decision Experiment 2a (Completed 8-8-98 )
Decision Experiment 2b (Completed 9-15-98 )
Decision Experiment 2c (Completed 11-13-98)
Decision Experiment 2d (Completed 12-24-98)
Decision Experiment 2e (Completed )
Decision Experiment 2f (Completed )
Decision Experiment 2g (Completed )
Decision Experiment 2h (Completed )
Decision Experiment 2i (In progress )

List of prize winners so far in the Decision Studies



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Jan 14, 1999