The Psychology Department Student Association (PDSA) aims to make the club active. To ensure this process, there are various membership statuses that can be obtained depending on your participation in the club. There will be a sign-in sheet at every meeting and event. At the end ofevery semester both honorary and active members will receive a certificate during the ceremony.

Honor Member
A member who obtains 75% or more of the available points.

Active Member
A member who obtains 50%-75% of the available points.

Inactive Member
A member who obtains 50% or less of the available points.


Table of Contents

Voting Rights
Duties of Officers
Amending the Constitution
Disbursal of Organization Assets
Rules of Order

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The aim of the organization shall be to celebrate and promote resources of the psychology department to psychology students through educational events both on and off the university campus; provide students with a more balanced academic and social understanding of being a proficient student in the department; serve as a resourceful club for dissemination of information related to graduate programs, graduate schools and psychology related research; promote good will and understanding fellowship and tolerance among all students through collaboration with various on/off campus organizations.

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Section I: The name of the organization shall be the Psychology Department Student Association (PDSA).

Section II: The purpose of this organization is to encourage students to participate in Psychology related activities, events, colloquium, research and community service in exchange of learning to grow academically and socially.

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ARTICLE II: Membership

Section I: General Non-Discrimination Statement: Membership in this organization shall not be denied to any student at California State University, Fullerton on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation or disability.

Section II: There shall be a minimum of five (5) CSU Fullerton students who are currently enrolled in at least one class with a maximum of 20 percent of the members who are not CSU Fullerton students. Membership of PDSA shall remain open to all Psychology students holding a valid Student I.D. and upon payment of Student Activities Fees.

Section III: There shall be three types of membership in the organization:
Officers, members, and inactive members. The members are those who attended at least 1/2 of each semester's meetings and events. The inactive members are those who attended less than 1/2 of the meetings and events. Members shall honor the aims of PDSA as set forth in the preamble, as well as its laws and its constitution.

Section IV: Voting membership is limited to regularly enrolled (non-extended education) students. Membership fees shall be determined by a 2/3-quorum vote at the first meeting of the Fall semester. Fees rates shall remain subject to vote each semester thereafter.

Section V: Any member of PDSA, upon investigation and after following due process procedures, shall be deprived of or suspended of his/her membership for being in direct violation of the aims of the club as set forth by the Constitution or is considered to be detrimental to the objectives of PDSA. A 2/3-membership vote is required to make such a decision.

Section VI: Any member may be suspended or expelled from the organization for conduct contrary to the Constitution. Any PDSA member charged under Sec. V. Article II. of the Constitution shall have the right to be informed of the nature of the accusation; obtain witnesses on his/her behalf; be confronted with witnesses speaking against him/her. The accused shall not be made a witness against him/her. After the offense is submitted to the organization, the offending member has the right to a 24 hour notice of a hearing before his/her peers.

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ARTICLE III: Voting Rights

Section I: Persons under Sec. I, Article II, of this Constitution shall have the right to vote.

Section II: The quorum of all meetings of PDSA shall be at least three of its officers.

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ARTICLE IV: Officers/Elections

Section I: The elected officers of the organization shall be the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relation officer and other officers as necessary. The term of office will be one year beginning July 1st.

Section II: PDSA members shall not be responsible for nomination of persons for the aforementioned offices.

Section III: Officer qualifications (President and Treasurer only): The President and Treasurer of the student organization are required to meet the minimum requirements established for Minor Student Representative student Officers by the CSU Chancellor's Office.

A. Officers must be matriculated and enrolled (non-extended education) at Cal State Fullerton.

B. Officers must maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 grade point average each term.

C. Officers must be in good standing and must not be on probation of any kind.

D. Undergraduates are required to earn six semester units per term while holding office. Graduate and credential students must earn three semester units per term while holding office.

E. Undergraduate officers are allowed to earn a maximum of 150 semester units or 125 percent of the units required for a specific baccalaureate degree objective, whichever is greater. Graduate and credential officers are allowed to earn a maximum of 50 semester units or 167 percent of the units required for the graduate credential objective, whichever is greater.

Section IV: Petition by 2/3 officer votes are cause for a recall election. Recall requires an affirmative vote by 2/3 of the total voting membership.

Section V: PDSA shall have an advisor who shall oversee PDSA meetings and official PDSA activities. The advisor shall review, confirm, and sign all documents/requests initiated by PDSA.

Section VII: In the event an elected officer is unable to fulfill his/her term of office, there will be a "Special Election". Any eligible member, including those already holding office, can be nominated for a vacated officer position.

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ARTICLE V: Duties of Officers

Section I: All candidates must be members of PDSA. Officers shall serve their capacity for Fall/Spring semester of the academic year; however, office terms may not exceed two semesters upon-reelection.

Section II: The President shall preside over all PDSA meetings; have full responsibility for the management and affairs of PDSA; assure that all policies and other function or activities are followed as outlined by PDSA; have charge of the meeting place and, in general, have full charge of the business and affairs of PDSA.

The Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the President in the absence of the President; serve as the advisor to the President.

The Secretary shall maintain a record of PDSA meetings; submit a copy of official meeting minutes to the Student Life Office within one week of the meetings.

The Treasurer shall furnish, prepare and keep a complete accounting record of all transactions, showing every detail of the account of PDSA, including all receipts and disbursements, the amount of cash on hand and the amount of money owed by PDSA; furnish a monthly report to the membership. All funds should be deposited in the Auxiliary Service Office.

The Public Relation Officer shall be responsible for planning, developing, puting into place and evaluating information and communication strategies that exposes the organization to the public. They will also endorse good information flows within the organization.

Section III: Officers of PDSA shall be removed from office for three consecutive absences from PDSA meetings; resignation; impeachment by 2/3 officer vote; failure to comply with Sec IV, Article IV, and Sec V, Article II, of the constitution.

Section IV: A temporary officer shall be elected to complete a vacant office' term by a 2/3 vote of the membership.

Section V: Impeachment: Any elected officer may be impeached who fails to execute the duties as outlined in Article III, Sec II or abuses his or her privileged as an officer. Abusing privileges can be defined as any action, or lack of, by the officer that fails to comply with the purposeand objective set for in this charter.

The impeachment process beings with writing letter of complaint submitted to the Executive Board with a copy submitted to the organization advisor. Upon receipt of the letter, the officer in question shall be notified. A special committee will be selected to perform an objective investigation and verify the complaint. The finding shall be presented to the executive Board and the officer in question shall be invited to meet with the Executive Board to discuss the action. The Executive Board shall determine whether a recommendation for removal shall be forwarded to the general membership for vote. An officer may be removed by a 2/3 vote of the general membership. This vote shall be by secret ballot. The officer in question shall be notified of the outcome in writing within two days of the voting results. And if the officer is impeached, there will be new election to fill the vacancy.

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ARTICLE VI: Meetings

Section I: Regular meeting are scheduled at least bi-monthly during academic year.

Section II: Special meetings are called by any elected officer or 5% of the voting members of the organization. All members must be given a minimum of 48 hours prior to the Special Meeting time.

Section III: Business cannot be conducted unless a quorum of the membership is present. Quorum for this organization is defined as 51% of the voting membership.

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ARTICLE VII: Elections

Section I: Officers are elected once in an academic year. Elections are held at the end of each academic year for the following year's term.

Section II: At least one week's notice will be provided for any meetings at which an election is held.

Section III: Votes will be cast by secret ballot and counted by an unbiased committee.

Section IV: A candidate must receive the majority of the votes or necessary run off elections will be held.

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Section I: Any non-auxiliary employee on a minimum half time basis employed by CSU Fullerton can serve as advisor to this organization.

Section II: A staff member from the Dean of Students Office or a School Based Assistant Dean may be assigned to work with this organization to assist the faculty advisor and the organization.

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Section I: Membership fees are subject to change at the discretion of officers.

Section II: All money must be deposited into an Associated Students, Incorporated Accounting Office agency account.

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ARTICLE X: Amending the Constitution

Section I: Proposed constitutional amendment or changes will be presented, in writing, to the organization one meetings before this amendment is voted on.

Section II: Amendment to the Constitution of PDSA requires a 2/3 membership vote before becoming effective.

Section III: A copy of this constitution/by-laws and/or amendments to this constitution must be filled in the Dean of Students Office at CSU Fullerton every 2 years or within 90 days after any substantive change or amendment.

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ARTICLE XI: Disbursal of Organization Assets

Section I: In the event PDSA should become defunct, all assets will be turned over to the CSU Fullerton Associated Students, Inc., to be used to promote student programming on campus.

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ARTICLE XII: Rules of Order

Section I: The Psychology Department Student Association accepts "Roberts Rules of Order" as its Rules of Order.

Section II: Any issue not directly written in this document will be resolved by referring to the Rules of Order.

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Section I: This constitution was approved on 9-25-07.

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 Current Officers

  • President/Webmaster

    Chris Walker

  • Vice President

    Chelze Zamani


  • Sharmil Mehta


    Stacy Rusu

  • Public Relations Officer

    Jennifer Balidio

  • ICC Representative

    Austin Hichin
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